Plan for England

It’s all well and good dreaming of cycling over the harbour bridge in Sydney, but where will I start and how will I get there?

London, Sunday 27th July 2008, 8am, Trafalgar Square. I chose this date, time and place for a number of reasons. The first is that it’s a Sunday a year in the future. Sunday mornings are good for cycling in big cities because there are fewer cars on the road. The second is that Trafalgar Square, specifically the south east corner, is the point where any road sign in the UK that gives a distance to London is measured from. So from those I can leave on a nice quiet morning from “London”. From there I’ll cycle down Whitehall and go over Westminster Bridge, continuing to Elephant, then New Kent Road followed by Old Kent Road and through New Cross. Then I’ll follow the old Roman road out of London, along Shooters Hill and the length of Watling Street via Dartford, Rochester, Gillingham, Sittingbourne and Faversham, taking side roads where necessary to avoid the new dual carriage-way parts of the old Roman road, reaching Canterbury by the first night.

The next day I’ll either continue along the route of the Roman road to Dover trying to avoid the dual carriageway sections in the process, or take the national cycle route through the countryside near to the old road. From Dover I’ll catch an afternoon ferry to Calais before cycling as far inland into France as possible before the second night.

Plan for France to follow…

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