Plan for Italy

Now my computer and internet are working again I can start making regular posts again, so here’s my plan for Italy.

The Romans certainly knew how to build roads. Anne Mustoe describes the Roman roads in Italy as being engineered for a human scale, in that they may be long and wind around mountain sides, but the gradients are slight to allow a much easier passage for human and animal traffic of 2000 years ago. For this reason and others, I’m really looking forward to the Italian leg of the trip.

Italy will start by freewheeling down into Aosta from the Great St Bernard Pass, and on to St Vincent that day. I’ll have a rest Day there to recover from just having cycled over the Alps, before continuing on to Milan and then along the Via Emilia, a perfectly straight Roman road going all the way to Rimini. Travelling will be 70-90km a day, depending on how fast I feel like going, or where I feel like stopping, but I do plan on having another rest day in Bologna.

From Rimini I’ll cycle up to San Marino and spend the night there so it counts as a country visited, before cycling back to the coast and heading south along the coast road, taking about 10 days to get from San Marino to Brindisi in the ‘heel’ of Italy. Once in Brindisi I’ll stay in a hostel (relative luxury) for a night, before getting a ferry to Greece.

So that’s Italy, a country I’m really looking forward to cycling through with the culture and food and scenery, and the generally laid back attitude that I’ll do my best to join in with! Next up, Greece…

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