While I’m still waiting for more maps from Stanfords I’m getting on with planning other aspects of the trip. Ever since I decided I am definitely going ahead, I’ve been deliberating over whether to cycle in aid of a charity. Now, not to do it in aid of a charity seems selfish, but before you think that of me, let me try and explain my feelings about the subject either way.

On the one hand, I’ve always thought of this trip as being a journey of personal discovery, of me, out there on my own, fulfilling a dream. Overcoming the seemingly impossible. If I was to do it in aid of a charity, it would add the pressure of living up to the expectations of the charity and donators, and would mean if I were to fail I wouldn’t only be letting myself down, but also the charity, its cause, and anyone donating money as sponsorship of the trip.

But on the other hand, a trip like this is ideal for raising donations to a charity. And there are so many charities that could benefit, if I were to do it for a charity, which one would I choose? A big worldwide charity that is relevant to the majority of places I’m going, or a smaller charity that maybe needs more help fundraising, but is much less relevant to where I’ll be going for most of my trip.

I’ve come down on the side of doing it in aid of a charity, but I still have to decide on which one. I’ve got a few ideas, but any suggestions are welcome.

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