So on thursday I went to the doctors to see what vaccinations I need. The travel nurse spent an hour working it out. I had a list of what I’ve had in the past and when and so what I still have immunity to, and kept saying I need everything else. After an hour, she said, yep you need everything.

Here’s what I already have, and so don’t need again right now:
Diphtheria/Tetanus (vaccinated 9 Feb 2001, valid for 10 years)
Polio (vaccinated 9 Feb 2001, valid for 10 years)
Yellow Fever (vaccinated 14 May 2001, valid for 10 years)

Here’s what I need again:
Typhoid (vaccinated 15 May 2008, valid for 3 years)
Hep A and B (first on 15 May 2008, need again on 22 May 2008, 6 June 2008 and 15 May 2009, then valid for 10 years)
MMR (travel nurse wants to give me a booster just to be sure)
Meningitis (immunity ran out in June 2006)
Rabies (three injections)
Japanese Encephalitis
Plus anti-malarials.

So that means I’ve had two injections already, and from the look of it, need many more before I go, with one more for Hep A and B when I get to Australia to complete the course. Good thing I’m not scared of needles!

2 thoughts on “Vaccinations

  1. That’s a lot of needles! Just came across your blog Jon. Just got a Brompton myself – to nip around town, not around the planet. Your trip sounds amazing. Good Luck.

  2. Thanks Martin. I ended up having 12 injections, and worked out I need to be on anti-malarials for about 40 weeks. Yay for me!You’ll love the Brompton – best bike in the world!

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