1 Week to go!

Oh gosh, this trip is getting serious now, with only a week left to go! I’m currently sitting in an internet cafe in London, due to staying on my brother’s couch, and he not having internet yet.

I think I’m pretty much ready, I have all the equipment I need. All my possessions except what I need for the trip, the week until I go, and what I want someone to bring to me in Australia in a years time are in my Dad’s barn, and I’m now just sorting the final things out.

Details for the leaving party are as follows – Friday 25 July, after work (I’m going about 4pm), O’Neils opposite China Town (the one with 3 floors and a music room). I know the venue isn’t too great, but I tried to pick a place that we could stay at the entire night, that has live music and a dance floor, serves pub food, everyone can get into, opens early and closes late. And O’Neils seems to fit the bill!

Ok, internet cafe time is up!

One thought on “1 Week to go!

  1. Hi Jon,Well done, you’ve started your journey. Friends and family were all there to see you off from Trafalgar Square on Sunday morning, what a scorcher of a day to leave on! Good Luck, and keep those wheels turning! Love, Mum X

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