Day 7 – Laon to Reims (Val-de-Vesle)

This was the first rainy day, and the first with proper hills. I left Jo and Alex in the morning, since we were going a different route to Reims (pronounced ‘flem’), and struggled up the hills into driving rain and a horrible headwind. I stopped at another war memorial. I’ve been to lots in the past, but as before, it was very emotional. It was certainly of the beaten track, and on a hill side, and it must have been a bloody battle. A lot of the graves were unmarked, just saying ‘known unto god’.

I made it to the tourist office in Reims, to once again find out there is no campsite, but guess what – there’s one 15km down the road! I went to the internet cafe, and sent a few quick emails, and then on to the campsite. I wasn’t expecting Jo and Alex, but later in the evening they turned up 🙂

One thought on “Day 7 – Laon to Reims (Val-de-Vesle)

  1. Great to see update. You already seem to be getting into the swing of things, and hopefully the legs will improve soon!There has been more discussion regards your trip on the Brompton list, so I’ll let everyone know about the update and that your trailer is working out fine so far. :-)Ian

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