Day 15 – Orsieres to Aosta

This is the big day where I have to get over the Gd St Bernard pass, and I did it. I set off at 7:30am at 1000m altitide. 25km later at 1pm I made it. I’d risen to 2.5km altitide. All the cyclists that were on speedy racing bikes and passed me on the way up congratulated me – it was reassuring to see even them struggling on the best suited bikes!

Coming down was scary. The Italian side is being resurfaced and in some places is just gravel on tarmac – not the best combination with small wheels, slick tyres, a trailer and overheated brakes. So I took it slowly and made it to Aosta. At the campsite I met English Dave, who is driving around Europe and cycling all the mountain bike tracks. I went for pizza and beer with him and a couple of French girls also from the campsite. Good day.

Today managed to roll trailer twice. I realised it’s because the design is not perfectly balanced, and my packing was making it worse. When turning left into a corner on an adverse camber and braking it has a tendancy to shift its weight and roll. I broke the flag on one roll, so it’s now a bit shorter. I’ve also re-packed it, and know what situation can cause it. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

2 thoughts on “Day 15 – Orsieres to Aosta

  1. Hi,We met each other on Grand Saint Bernard where you just arrived.I’m a Brompton fan. I have my 4th bBrompton now. Use it every day.I took two pictures of you at Gr S B. Can i upload them?Nice to read your blog.ciao,

  2. Hi Jim,It was great to meet so many supportive people at the top of the Bernard! I’d love to have more photo’s – the best way is probably to email it to me, and then I can put it on my photos page.Thanks,Jon

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