Day 20 – Modena to Castel Bolognese

I cycled along the Via Emilia for 90km today, without leaving it once – the Romans certainly knew how to build roads.

Just past Imola, in Castel Bolognese, the thunder clouds moved in. I quickly saw a spot between rows of vines, and put my tent there. The only place people can see me from is the end, where cars are moving very fast, so I should be ok!

I found another war cemetary today, in Bologna, and it was so nicely kept. I ate lunch on its shady grass and peaceful quiet. Imola is a really nice city. The Via Emilia in has a really nice cycle lane, with benches in the shade and drinking water fountains. The city centre is clean and looked after, the people are friendly. It’s the first Italian city I’ve been to that I could live in and not be frustrated with!

However. I think I may have reached the end of my tether. The trip isn’t worth this. I’ve had the Spice Girls stuck in my head all day. Please, just kill me now! Cycling around the world is easy compared to having the same part of the same Spice Girls song stuck in your head all day.

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