Day 21 – Castel Bolognese to Rimini

Good day. Very good day. In France cycling 40km by lunch was good going. Today I did 30km by breakfast, and 70km by lunch! Rimini however is awful. Tacky seaside resort. Not my kind of place. Only here for one night though. I did manage to see the Adriatic – I caught a glimpse through the rows of beach umbrellas. The campsite is not so good. They want 22 Euro for a muddy patch surrounded by chav hell. They also want me to pay tomorrow before I go, and don’t have any of my documents. I can see this being a free night!

The GB sticker and Union Jack on the trailer are fantastic. Several times today people have talked to me because they’ve seen it. In Forli, a guy called Paolo admired my trailer, saying he wanted one himself. He was amazed I’m going around the world, and offered to pull me a few km’s with his scooter! I politely declined!

The internet cafe here used Linux, which I don’t understand very well anyway, and this version is in Italian, so I can’t work out how to upload photos. Give me a mac and I’ll have them all uploaded!

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