Day 22 – Rimini to Civitanova

Well last night was fun. The Italian chavs from the campsite got back from the beach at about 7pm, to get ready to go out on the pull. They spoke no English, me very limited Italian, and it seems it’s not just the English who think if you talk slowly and loud enough people will understand a different language. After explaining I’d cycled from London they said I was crazy. When I said I was going around the world they upgraded that to insane!

Anyway, darkness came, they left for the clubs and I went to bed. As the sun was rising, they were getting back, and I was packed up ready to cycle (and I ddn’t pay the extortionate fee!)

The cycling was nice today. Italy seems to be full of guys in lycra on racing bikes imitating road pack cycling from cycle races. They either cycle alone, or in groups of 5 to sometimes over 50, and go very fast. But usually they all cheer and wave and say ‘Inglese!’ as they pass! One guy on a normal bike today stopped be, and said he was planning on cycling from Italy and along the French coast to Barcelona next summer, but that he needed a new bike first. I sid why if his worked and was comfortable. He said good point!

The campsite tonight was up a very steep hill (the type with grooves cut across the road to give cars traction, and which no bike could possibly hope to cycle up), but had a very nice pool!

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