Day 23 – Civitanova to Ascoli Piceno

Had a lovely day today. I set off a bit later than usual at 8:30am, along the coast a bit and then inland to meet Giuliano from the Brompton Groups. On the way I met a French cyclist, Charles Robert, who was coming back from India (via Iran) and had by the look of it far too much luggage. Panniers from and back, with stuff piled on top of the rear panniers, and a trailer the size of mine.

In the main square of Ascoli I met an English family on holiday, who enquired about my ride, and promised to donate money to Camfed, the charity I’m supporting while riding. When Giuliano and his wife, Diana, turned up on their Bromptons we set off for a tour of the town, with Giuliano riding mine with luggage still attached. I think he had a bit ofa shock at the weight!

After the tour I got to go in a car to a house were I’ll be spending the night in a bed. It has quite a novelty value now! Giuliano and his family fed me a very filling and delicious meal, with lots of fruit and veg grown in the garden there. I must say thankyou once agan to Giuliano for his generous hospitality – it was just what a tired English cyclist needed!

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