Day 24 – Ascoli Piceno to Rosetto Di Abruzzi

Had a nice breakfast with Giuliano and family, and then he drove me to the highest point on the mountain pass on the way to Teramo. I don’t consider it cheating, as I’d have gone straight down the coast without the detour inland to meet Giuliano. The tarmac was smooth, and curves sweeping, but again the brakes were overheating. When that happens they start to squeak, and I know I have very little time to stop before they simply fade to nothing. One time it took all the strength I had left in my fingers to pull the levers hard enough to just stop in a layby.

Later on, on the way into Teramo, a fast Lycra clad italian cyclist named Lucio slowed to chat. He was amazed at my plans and bike and trailer, and I followed him in to Teramo to have a photo by the cathedral there. He then helped me find an internet cafe, where I ordered some bike spares (I think a rim will be a wise addition to my kit what with downhills taxing my brakes to the limits), and a Brooks saddle. Giuliano’s bike that I rode the day before had one, and it was so comfortable. The parts will be sent to my brother, and he will send them on to me in Brindisi.

Didn’t cycle far today, just a bit further down the coast. But I dd pass 2000km, which is 5% of the way around the world!

4 thoughts on “Day 24 – Ascoli Piceno to Rosetto Di Abruzzi

  1. Hello Jon. I’m Lucio, the cyclist you met on the way from Ascoli Piceno to Teramo… Congratulation for your project. Will you show us new photos? Lucio De Marcellis

  2. Hi Jon, I read your blog often and I saw that you were in Ascoli Piceno, very nice your images.good luck!alessandra

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