Day 27 – Torre Miletto to Peschici

Terrible day, one to forget. Didn’t sleep much because the bar near the campsite was playing a selection of the worst 90’s love songs, and then the live musician thought a keyboards built in melodies are the best thingsince sliced bread, and having a sense of tone is not necessary for a musician. I also discovered in the morning that both tyres on the bike were flat. Had a look and discovered 3 spectacular thorns in the front tyre. It turns out kevlar tyres are quite good for most things, except thorns. Three punctures in the front, and two in the rear. I must have only just made it to the campsite last night as they were going flat.

Only got away cycling at 9:30, and it was hot by then. I’ve been adding effervescent vitamin tablets to my first litre of water for the day, and they also add a bit of flavour. What they masked was the undrinkability of the campsites water. By 11am I was feeling nauseous, and had to stop for an hour. By the time I set off again it was even hotter, and I was still feeling ill. Only made it 45km today.

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