Day 30 – Villagio Residenziale to Giovinazzo

Excellent day. Left campsite at 6:30 with the sun just coming up. Found a bakery, but I was confused over if it was the customer entrance or the production entrance. There were flowery men putting dough into ovens, but also a counter and cash register. Anyway, some bread was ready, and they made a sale. After that the kilometers tumbled.

At the campsite the bar had double chocolate Magnums. I didn’t think they existed anymore, I last saw one 4 years ago. It was delicious. I also met Giuseppe, who bought me a beer and we chatted about travelling. Also,arrived very late at the campsite was an Italian cyclist travelling the entire coastline, with a trailer for luggage. To anyone who said a trailer was silly, I’ve seen 3 others in 4 weeks now.

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