Day 42 – Igoumenitsa to Voutsaras

What a day. Didn’t sleep much on the ferry, but getting off there was a really cool original Vespa with touring panniers front and back. I didn’t get a photo, but I have chosen the vehicle for my next world trip!
Cycled about 60km today, and it turns out Greece is very hilly. Over the first pass, only about 200m, looking over the valleys ahead, they were shrouded in mist in the early morning. Then up and up we climbed, to about 699m. My map has contours at 100m, 300m, 500m, and 700m. I knew we had to go over 500, but it didn’t say 700, but my GPS, a bit below the summit said 640m, so it was pretty high for my legs with 8 days rest (and form loss!), and Sven’s new to cycling legs.

We had lunch at a cafe at the summit. There was no choice because the only choice was omelette and salad. Delicious anyway. Then followed an amazing descent.

However, on the descent, my back tyre blew – bang, like a gun. I guess since I had the correct 100psi pressure in it, with the heat of the brakes and the road, the air heated up, the pressure increased, and the tyre couldn’t handle it. Luckily though I was on a straight and only doing about 20km/h. Who knows how many broken bones I’d have if it happened in a fast corner. The inner tube and tyre is ruined, so I now have no spares.

Past Voutsaras me and Sven were tired, and the afternoon sun was baking hot. We could go no further. The map showed a side road that crossed a river, so we followed it for a km, and found a nice spot by the river. Very secluded so no one would discover us and throw two cycle tourers off their land. The river was cold, and perfect for cooling down a beer!

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