Help needed

Ok, here’s the situation. I need some more parts for the bike, and they are only available in England. I have ordered them and from tomorrow they will be sitting gathering dust at my mums house. I have tried to have parts delivered in the past, but the Italian post service let me down.
The best situation is to have them delivered to a reliable person at a real address. I’m currently in Ioannina in Greece, heading east towards Thessaloniki and then Istanbul. If anyone knows anyone who might know someone on the route, please get in touch. All I require is contact details so I can have the parts delivered so I can then pick them up. Maybe someone knows a friendly bike shop somewhere, would be ideal to have parts delivered to a bike shop.

To anyone that reads this, please spread the word!

2 thoughts on “Help needed

  1. Have you heard of Warm Showers or Couchsurfing or Hospitality Club? We have used those before to ask people to receive things for us. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with anyone in Turkey but I do know someone in Tabriz, Iran. If you are going through, just shout.

  2. Hi (again!),
    I have accounts on couchsurfing and warmshowers, but no one has replied to my emails! I’ll check out hospitality club. If I get to Iran I’ll be back in contact!

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