I’ve been thinking a lot about how useful an iPhone would be for this trip. At the moment I have a normal phone, a GPS, and my iPod. That’s 3 devices and 3 chargers. My iPod is only 4Gb, so I only have a third of my music with me. With an iPhone, now with GPS, I could carry one device, and have all my music with me. It also has WiFi, so I wouldn’t be as reliant on internet cafes. Max in the hostel in Brindisi had one, and said it was really useful.
The only problem would be photos. I wouldn’t use the internal camera – 2megapixal and no flash = no thanks – but as far as I know there is no way of connecting my digital camera memory card to it to upload photos to picasa.

An alternative would be something like the Asus EeePC or the MSI Wind. With a solid state hard disk (you should see how much my trailer bounces around over bumps), and Mac OS X installed, it would be pretty nifty. Either option is a possibility for a years time when I reach Australia.

For now though, I’ll just have to use internet cafes.

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