Day 46 – Metsovo to Grevena

Just 1km from where we camped was a cafe on the road. A lovely girl served us coffee and seemed amazed at my challenge. Shame we had just slept rough in a field and had to leave soon!
The road was flat for a bit, but then the climb continued. We didn’t go over the Katara pass, but a more northerly route that was almost as high. On the way down my braked were overheating again (how about disk brakes on a Brompton? Too tricky?). I changed the front brake blocks, and they seem to be better. I don’t know if the blocks are just better at stopping without heating up (which would be ok), or they are better at gripping on hot rims (which would be bad).

Down out of the mountains I saw a GB car parked. Talked to the owner, and he was a British/Iraqi, on his way back from visiting family via Iran and Turkey. I still can’t quite imagine a GB registered Renault Clio driving around Iraq!

Found internet cafe in Grevena, but the keyboard was awful, so only managed a few emails. By then it was getting late, so had to find somewhere to sleep quickly. On the way I passed 3000km (yay!). We found a spot down a quiet track and in a ploughed field.

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