Day 47 – Grevena to Voskochori

Had bad nights sleep in the ploughed field. There was a lump right on the middle of my back, my bum was sloping to the left, and my legs were too much downhill. Also, for some reason, my thumbs kept cramping up during the night – don’t know why, and it was very odd!
On the road by 8am, and it was still quite cold. Stopped after 1km at a cafe to have coffee. The coffee shop owner(?) looked about 80, and was very slow, but he did make a damn fine cup of coffee!

Later, Sven wanted to eat, so we stopped at another cafe. I studied map to see about campsites near Thessaloniki to have parts delivered to. Turns out they are on the coast due east, and Thessaloniki is NE. Not really going to work out.

In Kozani we found a Champion supermarket, just being rebranded as Carrefour (were they bought out), and by chance there was an internet cafe across the road. I made the decision to pass straight through Thessaloniki to Istanbul, while Sven wants to spend a few days in Thes. to decide how to continue his trip. We decided to part company, and Sven even bought me a farewell meal to say thanks for all the help!

I managed another 25km into a headwind and past fires in fields. One was burning towards the road with the wind, and I either had to make a dash to get past it, or wait. I made a dash and made it. I stopped at a petrol station and asked if I could pitch my tent. I figured it wasn’t safe just in a field because of the fires, and if the fires were any threat to the petrol station all hell would break loose, and I’d probably end up safe!

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