Day 48 – Voskochori to Loudias

After leaving camping spot the road went very uphill for 15km. I missed having Sven for company winding my way up those long slow turns. I stopped just before the top of the pass for coffee. Human Geography moment here – I think the new motorway cutting through the landscape will leave small towns in this area in a similar position as Radiator Springs in the Pixar film Cars. There was no traffic on the road, just the odd local car. Yet in the town (Zoodochos Pigi) there were 4 nice tavernas, 2 of which had closed, and two which probably won’t last much longer. It’s a shame – as much as I’d have liked to zip along a straight flat highway, the nice towns are worth visiting and the mountain passes worth driving.
In Veria found internet cafe and did more admin work. After Internet I cycled along the first long flat plane I’ve seen in weeks. A tractor was gaining on me behind, so I sped up and raced it at 25km/h for about half an hour! At Loudias I turned off the road onto a track, and after 2km or so found a nice spot between peach trees. I didn’t expect to be found, but a man walking his dog came along. He looked fine with me staying there, but indicated there were ‘Baa’s’ nearby. I said it would be fine.

About an hour later, the shepard came along with his Baa’s, and said it was fine to camp there and the Baa’s wouldn’t be a problem.

Only problem I did have was the last pasta I bought. It is long macaroni, and very messy to eat without a table and proper cutlery!

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