4 thoughts on “Cycling in Iran

  1. Hi there, glad you found the info useful. Have a great trip and if you need any other tips on Iran just email us. We can hook you up with a few people there too, if you like.

  2. Thanks Friedel and Andrew, I’ll keep that in mind – I still have to get a visa first though. Going to apply in Istanbul. Fingers crossed!

  3. Make sure you get a code first through someone like Iranianvisa or Stantours. Otherwise I can almost guarantee you will spend days/weeks waiting in Istanbul and you will probably lose your money and be told ‘no’ at the end of it all. You might be lucky but this is a typical experience without that code. With the code, it’s done in 24 hours so the $30-45 for the code easily pays for itself because the cost to stay in Istanbul for even a few days is very high. I have only heard of Dutch and Japanese people having reasonably fast and positive visa approval without a code from the Iranians. When we were there, a German guy walked in and asked how long to get a visa and they said a few weeks just to find out yes or no, no guarantee of course. And you can get your Syrian visa at the border, if you like, although it’s easily done in Istanbul. They will tell you that you can’t get it at the border but you can.

  4. Ah, forgot to add.. getting the Syrian visa at the border will mean you save the 90 quid charge for the letter of recommendation from the Brits!!!! Plus the visa fee at the border is cheaper than at the embassy in Istanbul. If you need more info, just email us.

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