Day 50 – Asprovalta

Didn’t mention properly on yesterdays post that I broke my GPS while fixing the tyre. While getting things out of the trailer, I put the GPS in the hinge, and when closing the lid to get the old tyre off the top, I crunched the GPS. It literally did go crunch!
In the morning I decided to go to Thessaloniki to try and buy a GPS. After waiting and hour and a half for two buses that didn’t show up I gave up, and went into Asprovalta instead. I asked around a few electronics shops, obviously no one has a GPS, and there are no outdoor/camping/mountain shops either – but everyone says in Thessaloniki for sure. I found the internet cafe at about 9am, but no one knows when it opens. I have nothing better to do, so just wait. At 11 it opens.

I spend most of the day on the internet sorting various things out. Back at the campsite I realise I’ve lost my sunglasses. I also start a weight/bulk clear out for luggage. I’m going to send my u-lock home, as it weighs about 2kg but is worth 75gbp, and I haven’t used it yet, instead using the cable lock. I haven’t shaved in two months, and don’t intend on doing so, so shaving gel has gone. As has factor 15 suncream bottle that was nearly used up, and the emptiest of two bottles of after sun cream. Today’s random act of kindness – leaving a spare loo roll in the campsite toilets.

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