Day 52 – Asprovalta to Kavala

Had a better day today. Left at about 8am and averaged 20km/h all the way to Kavala. I stopped at a cafe once and chatted to a guy questioning my journey and if I’d really come from England. I passed the Lion of Amphipolis this morning. Just an impressive very old lion statue, but a nice pause on the journey.
At one point the main road (like an A-Road in the UK) turned into a motorway without warning, which is very naughty of it, but the first exit had me back on the coast road to a nice enough campsite. Most campsites are very empty now, as most tourists have gone home.

Had an email from Jo and Alex – hopefully we can meet up in Istanbul, turns out they’ll be there at the same time as me.

This morning the weather started out perfectly clear and sunny. As I was cycling the strangest thing happened. I saw a patch of mist coming down from the mountains, all on its own, like a huge, soft, slow drop of water. As it approached the road I passed through it, and it was cold with no visibility. When I was through it was sunny again and I saw it move off the land and out to sea. It made me think of my emotions right now, and how quickly they can change from happy, to lost. Possible book title: “Misted Valleys, Sun Drenched Peaks”, maybe.

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