Day 53 – Kavala to Lagos

I was ready to go at 8am today, but I forgot to pay last night and the campsite reception only opened at 9am. I was a nice cycle. Once out of Kavala the traffic joins the motorway and it was flat so I did 20km/h again. I was hoping to be in Xanthi by 12, but I got a puncture and it tok an hour to fix.
The puncture was caused by the extra section of tyre inside the rear tyre to keep it from bursting. The edges were too sharp, and were cutting through the inner tube. I used two big patches on the affected spots, and wrapped the ends of the inside tyre in duck tape to stop it happening again. Hope it holds to Istanbul. Fortunately though it happened 50m from a petrol station, so I had a nice bucket of water and the garages air compressor – once tiny short blast and the tyre was rock solid.

Got to Xanthi at 1 and found an internet place. I have a couch to surrf in Tekirdag on Saturday! That means a definite time-destination I have to stick to. Leaving the internet the sky was dark. I went to a bakery to buy bread, and while in there the rain started. At first massive hail stones, then torrential rain, with water gushing dwn the streets and out of overfilled drains. I stayed in the bakery while the power flickered on and off for the rain to die down.

I still got soaked even though it was no longer raining. Since breaking my rear mudguard completely in Brindisi, all the water sprayed over my back and onto the trailer. I tried to work out where water was getting into the trailer, and discovered it isn’t the seal at the top. But even after an afternoon in the spray, only one tiny corner of my tool kit was a damp, so I’m not overly concerned about it anymore.

After 80km I saw a forrested area that looked like a nice place to camp. But I’ve only done 80km and there’s 4 hours of daylight left, so I stopped only to check the map and NOT for the night. Saw it has running water, so I went over to fill up my water bottles, and NOT for the night. It has picnic benches, and a nice secluded spot for a tent. Check it out, and put my tent up. I’m weak.

The thunder sounds exactly like the dinosaur footsteps in Jurrasic Park. Quite eerily similar. At my secluded spt a very thin dog is hanging out. He doesn’t bark and seems a bit shy (makes a change). He seems to be protecting this bit of the forest, which must be his domain, from other dogs. I made dinner, and ate a bit, but then managed t drop it all on the ground. Saw the funny side, and cleared it up. Only thought bugger and got annoyed when I realised I forgot to take a photo.

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