Day 56 – Kesan to Tekirdag

Had a good breakfast with Rahman and Fatih, then we cycled together out of Kesan back to the main road where I continued alone. Thank you so much for your hospitality!
The cycling today was tough. There was a fierce headwind all day, and lots of long hills over rolling countryside, all on a 4-lane highway. But there were lots of waves from people offering support. I stopped at a service station for Cay (tea), and answered all the usual questions. As I was leaving, one person said he worked for a big international company in Ankara, and they had 30,000euro in sponsorship to give out, so I gave him a card.

The wind was so fierce I even had to cycle down the hills. By the last hill I was knackered. Fortunately I tractor went past very slowly, and I managed to grab on the back of the trailer. I was pulled up 3km of hill. The tractor had no mirrors, so the driver didn’t no I was there. At the top I coasted past. The driver had a look of bewilderment – “how did that cyclist struggling 3km ago beat me up this hill?”.

In Tekirdag I met Ahmed who’s couch I’m surfing on tonight. I met him at the court house where he’s a lawyer, and I got a tour. My bike is staying in the dry in a guarded compound, so I just took the things I need. Ahmed’s house is very nice – a modern flat in a new apartment building. Like last night I have my own separate apartment, on the top floor with a view of the city – it’s a bit of a bachelor pad actually!

For the Iftar tonight, lots of Ahmed’s family were there, and we all had a good time. But pretty soon I was tired, and went for a blissful nights sleep in a warm comfortable double bed.

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