Day 59 – Istanbul

Still on camping time, so got up at 6:30am. I used the internet, and found an email from Mum saying that TNT won’t deliver my package of spare parts, because my mum is not a company. I’ve had enough of this now. The Italian post service lost a package, no one in Greece spoke good enough English for me to explain on the phone that I’d like to send a package ahead, and now TNT won’t take it for a stupid reason (and I’ve been warned it could take 2 weeks to get through Turkish customs). Mum said TNT wanted 210gbp anyway. I just checked, and a flight back to London is 250gbp, so that seems like the thing to do. I book myself onto SwissAir for Thursday morning to Geneva and on to London City, and then returning from Heathrow via Zurich on Sunday.
I don’t really do much for the rest of the day except use the internet to research Iran and start my visa application. I also research a new digital camera. Mine has some dirt in the lens which makes every photo have a blotch close to the middle, which shows up more when zoomed in. Have a lookat the photo of the sign welcoming me to Turkey for a good example. I wanted something with a good zoom lense, from a good brand, with a big screen and good battery life, preferably sony memory stick (but otherwise SD cards since they’re cheap). I decided on the Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ5. It has a 10x optical zoom (equivalent to 28mm-280mm equivalent) and 9 mega pixels. It uses SD cards, but that’s not a problem. I’ve ordered it from eBuyer where it’s 180gbp, compared to 230gbp on the high street.

In the afternoon I go for a walk up to the Blue Mosque. I would go in, but I’m wearing shorts, so I’m not allowed. Down at the shore I try to take some arty photos. But it is pointless with the lense in my camera right now.

At 6 I meet Jo and Alex for dinner again, and then we go to the roof terrace on my Hostel for drinks. They have to leave at 10pm to sleep before an 8am coach trip to Gallipoli. As I’m going to London before they’ll be back, and they’re heading back to Aus. before I’ll be back from London, we have to say goodbye. It’s a sad farewell, I’ve really enjoyed their company in France and Istanbul, and now I almost certainly won’t see them again until I’m at the end of the Australian leg.

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