Heartfelt thanks

Just want to say a big thankyou to everyone over the past 3 months who helped me get this far:

  • Friends and family at home, who kept sending me supportive messages.
  • Jo and Alex in France, who gave me a pick-up a week into the trip – I needed it!
  • Giuliano and family in Italy, who kindly showed me around Ascoli and gave me a meal and place to stay for a night.
  • Sven in Greece, who was a great travel partner for the week we travelled together.
  • Bike shop owner in Alexandroupoli, who was so kind and generous to passing travelers.
  • Rahman, Fatih and family in Kesan, who gave me a place to stay and fed me a wonderful iftar.
  • Ahmet and family in Tekirdag, who also gave me a place to stay and a wonderful meal.
  • The family north of Selimpasa, who let me put my tent in their garden, and fed me a meal.
  • All the cyclists I’ve met en-route, who offered advice and encouragement.
  • Finally, everyone in Istanbul, who have kept my spirit going for six weeks of bureaucratic-induced limbo and tedium.

I wouldn’t have got this far without you all, and I really appreciate all the support from everyone.

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