To be continued…

Well, I landed back at Heathrow last night (btw, only in England can £5bn be spent on a new airport terminal where you still have to get a bus from the plane to the terminal building…), and took four hours on the tube with delays and closures to get back to my brother’s. Welcome back to London!
Seven weeks cycling undone in eight hours of flying and trains!

This morning I started my old job again. It’s very surreal being back, but great telling stories to all my old friends and colleagues – one even helpfully pinned a newspaper article about the guy going around the world on a penny-farthing to my new desk divider and wrote “how it’s done!” on it. I pointed out even the article notes he only completed the tour on the third attempt, so I have two attempts left!

The blog will continue with plans for the next trip. Currently I’m thinking spring 2010. I’d like to leave in spring so I can get to the southern hemisphere before the northern gets too cold, and I won’t have earned enough money or done enough extra planning by spring 2009. Spring 2010 is a year and a half in the future, so blog entries will likely become much less frequent. Don’t worry though, I am alive and actively thinking about and planning for the next trip.

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