Aix-en-Provence – Day 3

Up about 8 for breakfast and to organise things. Everyone else gradually emerges and we miss our 9:15 planned hotel departure time by half an hour.
Look around La Ciotat which is a traditional fishing town trying to keep its heritage while attracting tourists but not losing its traditional industry. On the outskirts we look around the out of town shopping areas and the immigrant communities living in social housing.

Tass loses his bank card in an ATM that eats it and we lose an hour sorting that out. At the hotel there is a problem with payment and we lose another half hour. Now well behind schedule and we have minutes to catch 3pm bus to Cassis. Which we see pulling out of bus station as we get there. Try thinking of all sorts of plans to get to cassis including taxis (not enough in the town for all of us during the off-tourist season), boats (imagine the form filling if something went wrong) and eventually hire two minibuses.

Set off again at 5:15, then immediately one bus gets a flat tyre. Me and Tass get it changed pretty quick, but now ridiculously late. Buses have to be back in La Ciotat by 7.

Quick look around Cassis, which is a very nice seaside resort with lots of ladies carrying dogs in handbags. You know the type. Then drive to station, drop everyone off and Tass and Mike drive the buses back to La Ciotat and try to catch train from there. For once a plan works. We all end up on the same train to Marseille and get to hostel by about 8.

Now it’s 9 and we’re going out to get food and drunk. Revision will be tomorrow morning instead since we lost so much time today. I’m off to the airport at 11am tomorrow, but everyone else is staying on until the evening to see Marseille during the day.

Good fieldtrip, great group, good sights, interesting geography.

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