Spring cycling

Well spring is here and I’ve had my first few rides of the year. Today is a gorgeous sunny day and I’m sat in Hyde park before the RGS monday night lecture starts.
It’s odd cycling again without luggage after so long riding pulling 60kg in a trailer. When I arrived in Istanbul I was in great shape and when I went out on a few rides around Istanbul without the trailer the bike would surge ahead on each pedal stroke after I was so used to putting enormous force into the pedals to keep a combined mass of over 130kg in motion. 30km plus from the golden horn to the black sea and back was a short ride.

Now after 6(!) months of lazy London living the 6km to work tires me out and each pedal stroke is hard work rather than a surge forwards. In short, I’m very out of shape.

I missed the sign-up deadline for the London to Brighton this year, but I’m going to do the double distance bikeathon and the Dunwich Dynamo. That’s a 120mile ride from London to Dunwich on the suffolk coast. Overnight, starting at 8pm. Google it for more info! Anyone want to join me?!

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