Writer’s Block

I promise I haven’t forgotten about the blog over the past two weeks. I keep trying to write blog posts about interesting things, but I just don’t seems to be able to articulate anything at the moment. Normal service will resume again just as soon as I manage to take the muddle of thoughts in my head and transform them into a coherent piece of writing.
As a teaser of what my writer’s block has forced you to miss out on:

Over the past week I’ve tried twice to write a post about “no why”, the frustrating answer I usually get when I ask a “why” question about life in China. The first attempt was just crap, and on the second attempt I went off on a complete tangent into design theory.

I thought and wrote enough about design that sometime I’ll do a full post on that including, for instance, why I had a USB memory stick sent from the UK instead of just buying one here.

I also have the third and final post about Shanghai to finish, which is becoming more urgent as I’m going on holiday again in a week so will have lots to write about then.

I would upload photos of my trip to the park with my class, but with posting photos online, I’m currently in a weird half-way house between Flickr (which I’m moving away from), SmugMug (which is much better than Flickr and I was moving to, but which I’ve quickly become disenchanted with), and some gallery software on the same server as my blog (currently I’m thinking probably ZenPhoto, but I’ve changed my mind three times in three days). So you’ll just have to wait until I’ve finalised my longer-term online photo strategy.

Anyway, yeah, good things come to those who wait, right?

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