One Year On – Overview

A year ago I left my job in London to become a teacher of English as a foreign language. An awful lot has happened since then, so first I’ll fill you in with a broad overview. I left London to go to Barcelona to study for the Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA). This is the basic qualification needed to properly enter the world of TEFL. The course took the whole month of September and was very rewarding. The plan at the time was to stay in Barcelona to teach, but unfortunately I misjudged the timing of my course. Most of the jobs in Barcelona – and all over Europe – start in September. By the time I finished at the beginning of October there were only scraps of part time jobs left.

Instead of staying in Barcelona, I started to look elsewhere and a friend tentatively recommended a school in Xi’an in China that he had worked at. In early October I returned to the UK to start applying for my visa and shutting down my life there. At the end of November I was finally ready to fly out to China and begin my first teaching job.

Nine and a half months on and I think I’ve made good progress as a teacher and I’ve grown and developed a great deal as a person.

Now, a more detailed review of the past year: why, how, where and what.

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