Moving Forward

It’s been a few months since I blogged. Why? Well, I was half way through a four part series on teaching – why, how, where and what. I wrote the first two, but then to write about where and what I realised I’d have to go into some detail about Xi’an and the school I was working at. At the time I thought that if I have nothing nice to say, I should say nothing at all, and so I said nothing.
Also at that time I was applying for new jobs. I didn’t think it would look good if a potential future employer googled me and found a long diatribe against my then current employer.

Anyway, I’ve now finished my contract in Xi’an and been back in the UK for two weeks. I’ve also secured a job in Japan, in Tokyo, for next year, so I’m preparing to fly out to Tokyo in just over three weeks. All the signs so far suggest that the school in Tokyo is far more organised than my old school in China, which will be a nice change.

I don’t know if I’ll continue the blog in Japan, or if I’ll ever finish the four part series I started in September. While the blog helped me organise my myriad thoughts and to vent and to some extent stay sane, it served as a distraction to getting out and getting to know the city in which I was living. It never took less than half a day to write each week, and I eventually gained a (deserved) reputation for spending most of my spare time in Starbucks on my laptop.

Keep checking for updates just in case I start blogging regularly again, but at the moment I don’t know what the future holds for my blog.

One thought on “Moving Forward

  1. Dear Jon, I hope you will continue your writing, perhaps this time you would share your experience in Japan. It wpuld be very interesting as China and Japan are two very distinguished culture. it would be good to share your western perspective on these two culture.
    Keep blogging!

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