Updates – Technical

It’s been nearly a year since I last posted, and 18 months since the time before that. What’s taken me so long? Lots actually! More posts to come in future about what else I’ve been up to, but first some deadly boring (or really interesting depending on your perspective!) stuff about how I’ve hosted the site.
About a year ago, in order to save about £10 a year, I made the poor decision to move all my domains and web hosting from DreamHost to 1&1. DreamHost had been pretty good, and 1&1 turned out to be terrible. I never got the site working properly and whenever I tried I found their website was so unhelpful, always slow, and often not even working.

Now I’ve moved my domains to Hover, a really nice professional domain registration service, and the website to a Virtual Private Server at DigitalOcean, which provides incredibly cheap small VPSs ($5/month for 1 CPU, 512MB RAM, 20GB SSD and 1TB transfer – perfect for a small site like this) and loads of tutorials to get started with server administration and setting up a basic WordPress installation. I’ve also moved my email to FastMail, which offers a superb email solution.

The total cost of using Hover, DigitalOcean and FastMail instead of the awful 1&1? About the same as DreamHost was! So why use three different services instead of just going back to DreamHost? Well, I like a challenge, I was never totally satisfied with DreamHost (they’re great, but I’m very picky), I wanted to practise a bit with a Linux VPS, and also I didn’t make a smooth transition away from 1&1, but moved my email to FastMail, then the domains to Hover, then the website to DigitalOcean as I finally lost patience with those aspects of 1&1’s service.

It’s worked out really nicely, I’m totally happy with the setup now, and if time allows I might even blog again occasionally!

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