Day 2 – Faversham to Calais

Today the cycling was very tough, I only just made Dover, and got on the 3:30pm ferry to Calais. Getting off, a coach tour guide asked where I was going, and I said around the world. When the coach passed me, all the passengers were waving frantically!
I couldn’t bare cycling past calais, so stopped at the campsite there. As I was finishing up cooking, the sky went black, and a huge thunderstorm came in. Really loud thunder, and loads of flashes of lightning. Turns out my tent has a slight leak – but it was in the direction of the wind, with torrential rain for 3 hours, so I’m not too worried about it.

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Day 1 – London to Faversham

Well, I guess since I finally found an internet cafe I should start blogging then. French keyboards are weird, so ignore any typos!
Today started well enough, I had a lovely leisurely cycle from Walthamstow down to Trafalgar Square, then everyone gave me three cheers and sent me on my way. The ride was enjoyable, if tough, and very tiring, and eventually I was down to 10mph on the flat. I didn’t quite make Canterbury, and stopped at an earlier campsite in Faversham, where I met a family cycle touring around Kent for their holiday.

Today I also had an accident, I came down a hill too fast, and it turns out you can’t corner so fast on a bike with a trailer. Nothing major, the bike was fixed in 15 minutes, and I only had a small graze on my chin and a slightly sprained right wrist!

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