(Very) Long Time no Post, and Israel?

So it’s been a while since I made a post, and time seems to be flying right now what with work and organising the trip and trying to get my family around London to watch my graduation and celebrate family birthdays. But here goes, now that it’s christmas and I’m forced into spending almost two weeks at home with my family, I should get caught up on the blog posts!

In a quick note, I was contacted via facebook by a fellow Brompton rider in Israel wondering if I was passing that way. I’m trying to work out how to make it happen, and have already noted that El Al have regular scheduled flights from Tel Aviv to Mumbai and let you take a bike for free, which is looking to be much easier than working out a flight across the Middle East from Turkey. There are two potential sticking points though. The difficulty that having an Israeli visa or stamp in my passport can cause in getting in to some countries, and the slight inconvenience of cycling through Syria and Lebanon (remember that southern Lebanon was a war zone only a year and a half ago in Summer 2006).

Hopefully I can work it out, because that’s three more countries and some cool people to meet up with!

Facebook Group and Event, Maps

These days everyone has a facebook account. Even my boss at work. And nothing becomes official until there’s a group, or event, or relationship request, or photo to represent it. As such I’ve created a facebook group called, you guessed it, “Small Wheels Big World”. This is more of a holding page pointing towards the blog (here) and upcoming website, and to let everyone know of my going away party on Friday 25th July 2008. It’s planned so far in the future, there’s no excuse for not coming! The group will also allow me to message all members occasionally – it’s so much easier to click “Message All Members” on the group than to paste 100+ email addresses into the CC field in Gmail. So join the group and invite others as well, and RSVP to the party!

In other news, I’m bored of waiting for Stanfords to get hold of the final map of Greece I need, so I found I can order it direct from the publisher for the same price, plus postage and packing from Greece, so a little bit more. But that should be here reasonably soon and then I can carry on with route planning again.